Tinker Street Review

Tinker street restaurant review

If you are looking for an restaurant that offers the best fine dining experience, your best option will be the popular Tinker Street. Wondering what you can get from this restaurant? Good thing, you have come to this page. Here are the most important facts that you deserve to know about Tinker Street:

About Tinker Street

Tinker Street is mainly a restaurant and a wine shop that offers most delightful and unforgettable dining experience for everyone. It is where you can taste the best wines and exotic dishes that you will enjoy for the first time in your life. Tinker Street is more focused on serving their valued customers with authentic dishes and they have their menu of signature meals that you can enjoy at a very affordable price.

This restaurant and wine shop offers you freshly prepared and flavorful foods that will be served to you inside of a cozy and relaxing urban cottage on 16th street, just between the Herron-Morton Palace and the Old Northside. Tinker Street is dedicated to bringing you the most satisfying service, utmost comfort and mouth-watering dishes. The foods they serve are simply irresistible. Once tasted, you will surely crave for them.

Tinker Street Restaurant Indianapolis Review

They offer plates, dishes and bowls that are priced just under $19 to satisfy a wide selection of appetites. They make use of the best local ingredients which inspire the seasonal specials. They also offer a wide array of international wine selection that highlights top quality and surprising finds at competitive prices. Tinker Street is also offering craft beer at a good price and they are open for customers who want dinner and late night dining.

High Quality Service

Tinker Street comes with more than 5 decades of experience in providing the best service to all of its clients. So, you can always be sure that they will be giving the best value for your money anytime you visit them. This restaurant and wine shop is comprised of a group of dedicated and hardworking professionals who can help you have the greatest value for your money.

The kitchen is managed by a friendly and hardworking chef named Chef Braedon Kellner. He is continuously inspiring all their valued customers and he works together with other cooking experts in Tinker Street to provide unmatched service for all customers. All of their efforts are mainly to offer you what will be up to your expectations and tastes.

Tinker Street Review

Affordable Pricing

Tinker Street is the restaurant that understands your demand for a plate of delightful dish which will be offered to you at a price that you can afford. They believe that fine dining does not need to be expensive so they always ensure that their pricing fits the budget of their valued customers.

What Others Say About Tinker Street?

Many people who tried the meals served in this restaurant said that they love the service and everything about Tinker Street. They have the most delightful recipes and they offer a cozy and relaxing place that will keep everyone from coming back.

Tinker Street Fried Brussel Sprouts

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